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Discipline: Agency / professional

Client: Campbell Dallas Accountants

Location: Paisley - Glasgow Road

Year: 2015


We acted on behalf of our client who held a lease over two entire townhouse buildings.  Both properties were over rented and both had significant outstanding dilapidations obligations.

We let the first townhouse building in it's entirity to Ross & Liddell on competitive terms.

During the course of our marketing campaign for the second townhouse, we sourced a suitable tenant for the space, who was seeking a long term lease.  Unable to offer this, we negotiated a lease surrender with the existing landlord, thus minimising the ongoing rental obligation and significantly reducing the dilapidations obligations under the lease for our client.

We recommended a building surveyor who expedited the required external works and we liased with them and all parties to deliver the building to the landlord and new tenant within the required timescales.

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